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The Event Intelligence Top 200 charts, published each June, are compiled from millions of client requests made through Event Intelligence at weddings & parties around the world over the past year. Often imitated but never duplicated, the official Event Intelligence Top 200 charts have been downloaded and circulated thousands of times. Over the years the Event Intelligence charts have appeared in countless trade publications and websites such as DiscJockeys.com, Party Blast, PCDJ, and Mobile Beat Magazine where it powered the Mobile Beat Top 200 for over a decade until ceasing print.
Last Updated: July 2020
The Event Intelligence charts are Copyright 2021 by Intelligence, Inc. and may not be republished without our express written consent. Statutory damages for copyright infringement are set out in 17 U.S.C. 504 of the U.S. Code, with basic damages up to $30,000 per violation and willful infringement up to $150,000 per violation. Intelligence, Inc. is not responsible for errors or omissions.
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The Story Behind the Event Intelligence Top 200
Event Intelligence is an online event booking, planning, and management system for mobile DJs and entertainers. Founded in 2002 by two former entertainment executives, today Event Intelligence is used by thousands of mobile entertainers in over two dozen countries worldwide.
Event Intelligence features over a dozen interactive tools that can be powerfully customized and seamlessly integrated into any existing website, regardless of who designed it or where it's hosted. There's nothing to download or install. It runs on any PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone and comes with unlimited support.
The hallmark of Event Intelligence's event planning suite is the music request system which allows a DJ's clients to create three custom request lists in advance of their event, a "Must Play" list, a "Play if Possible" list, and a "Do Not Play" list. The client can submit their list electronically to their DJ when complete.
Every year thousands of clients use Event Intelligence to submit millions of requests. This data is anonymously aggregated and analyzed to create a series of "most requested" charts. The most popular is the Event Intelligence Top 200 which is a straight listing of the top 200 most requested songs at all types of events around the world over the past year. Further filters are then applied to create top songs by decade, genre, and even specific dances at weddings.
Because of the massive quantity of requests, the charts are an incredibly accurate portrayal of what songs are being requested and played at live events around the world. The charts are truly unmatched in their quality and accuracy, and are a trusted resource for millions of DJs, their clients, and guests.
Over the years the Event Intelligence charts have appeared in countless trade magazines & publications and on industry websites, so there's a good chance that if you've ever downloaded a "Top 200" type chart, the data behind the chart was provided by Event Intelligence.
The charts can be accessed anytime here on the Top 200 page. This webpage is mobile-responsive, so it's easy to read on any smartphone or tablet. You can even add a DJI Top 200 icon to your home screen so you can quickly access the charts at your live events. The Event Intelligence Top 200 YouTube playlist lets DJs and clients preview songs for free.
DJs can easily include their clients' requests in next year's charts by subscribing to Event Intelligence. For under ten bucks a month, DJs can access the entire suite of event booking, planning, and management tools for their business on an unlimited basis. Clients who use the Event Intelligence music request system will automatically have their requests included in the tally. A free 2 month trial is available to test drive the system.
Thank you for such an awesome DJ tool. I would be totally lost without it!
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