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Event Intelligence features over a dozen interactive booking, planning, & management tools. Use only what you want or need. Customize the colors & add your logo to match the look & feel of your website. Customize the functionality to fit your needs (e.g. forms, questions, features). Watch overview videos.
Event Scheduling Enlarge Screenshot
Your event & client data, organized in one location, accessible from any device
Keep your schedule of upcoming events organized in one location. With a single click, you’ll have access to all the pertinent details for each client and event, including the ability view, edit, or print the client's planning forms, timelines, request lists, and more. Sync your event schedule with any external calendar, including your smartphone, tablet, Outlook, Google Calendar, and more. Your calendar will automatically stay up to date in real time. Assigned staff can access to their own personal calendar and sync it to their device. You can also seamlessly export your client list to 3rd party email marketing services to send email campaigns.
Manage Events & Clients Enlarge Screenshot
Need-to-know event and client data at your fingertips, for you and your staff
Everything you need to know about your booked events and clients. Click on any client in your list of upcoming events to view critical event data, such as the client’s contact details, venue information, and financial data such as total amount, deposit, payments made, and remaining balance. Assign staff to events and give them the ability to log in to view or edit their assigned events and print forms for the event. Specify which event planning tools the client can access when logged in, as well as any other pertinent event notes.
Client Communications Enlarge Screenshot
A dependable repository of every client correspondence received
Keep track of all client communications received through your event booking tools, including the Availability Checker, Instant Quote, Booking System, Contact Form, and Message Form. With a single click you can view/print any communication, redo/modify a client’s price quote, redo/modify the terms of a client’s contract, or create a client login for a client who to books your services so they can access your online event planning tools. Communications received from all booking tools are grouped together by event, allowing you to see all messages in a single location. Forms are also is also sent by email and optionally by text.
Financial Management Enlarge Screenshot
An accounting of all incoming cash, credit card, and check payments
Keep track of all event payments received. Payments received through your Payment Gateway are automatically tracked and appear with a "pending" status so you can verify the receipt of funds before applying toward the event balance. PayPal transactions will automatically change status once the payment clears. Manually enter check and cash transactions. Payments that are applied toward the event are automatically calculated toward their remaining balance. View a list of past payments for any client or event.
Staff Management Enlarge Screenshot
Give each of your staff members and subcontractors their own login
Give each of your staff members, subcontactors, vendors, and partners their own unique account they can use to log in and access their assigned event data. There are dozens of granular controls which give you full control over what each person can view and edit, such as event, client, and financial data. Give managers the ability to make setting changes on your account and add or edit events. Keep track of important employee data such as their employment dates, employment status, pay rate, emergency contact information, and much more. Assign one or more staff members to each event, along with their role at that event.
Event Statistics Enlarge Screenshot
Gain valuable insight and improve your business
Collect and compile valuable statistical information from your event booking and planning tools, data you can use to improve your business and maximize revenue. The Satisfaction Survey results are stored and tallied so you can quickly view your company’s strongpoints and weaknesses. This is data you can use to improve your performance. The Availability Checker date checks are stored and tallied so you can find out which dates are in highest demand for your services. This is data you can use to appropriately price your services to meet demand or to decide when to hire additional staff.
Business Details Enlarge Screenshot
Input hundreds of parameters about your business
You can specify every detail about your business so that quotes, bookings, and events can be amazingly customized. You will have the opportunity to input all of your event packages, including the ability to specify flat rate or hourly as well as overtime rates. You can also specify optional add-ons, automated surcharges and discounts (such as a Sunday discount or New Year’s Eve surcharge), and travel charges based on actual driving distance. You can even input a list of venues, event types (e.g. Wedding or Party), staff members, and referral sources (e.g. Google or Bridal Show).
Account Settings Enlarge Screenshot
Make your tools as unique as your business
There are hundreds of settings that can be adjusted to fit the unique needs of your business. Cosmetic settings such as logo, font, colors, background, margins, and borders can be specified. Hundreds of settings specific to each tool also exist, such as maximum number of requests, terminology used throughout the software (e.g. Deposit vs. Retainer), auto-responders, text alerts, additional questions on forms, custom HTML, security settings, and even API integration to 3rd party software. You can also optionally integrate various tools for a seamless customer experience.
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I get a lot of compliments from clients on how easy the tools are to use and couldnt do as much business without them.
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