Event Intelligence
API Integration with Zapier
Event Intelligence connects with Zapier, allowing you to send client, event, and payment data from your website forms and management system to 5,000+ 3rd party apps in marketing, communication, productivity, accounting, and more. Have a suggestion for a great new trigger? Contact us!

Available with the Event Intelligence Premium and Enterprise plans. Zapier subscription required.

Sales & CRM Apps
Marketing Apps
Business Intelligence Apps
Communication Apps
Productivity Apps
Artificial Intelligence Apps
Accounting Apps

Currently Available Triggers:
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Sample JSON Response:

  "Account": "demo",
  "Created": "2023-08-31",
  "Event Name": "Taylor/Sanders Wedding Reception",
  "Event Type": "Wedding",
  "Event Date": "2026-01-03",
  "Start Time": "6:00 PM",
  "End Time": "12:00 AM",
  "Source": "Party Blast",
  "Total": "$950.00",
  "Deposit": "$200.00",
  "Notes": "Miscellaneous Event Notes",
  "Contact": {
    "Name": "Kelly Taylor",
    "Email": "support@intelligenceinc.com",
    "Primary Phone": "630-686-1010",
    "Primary Phone Type": "Work",
    "Secondary Phone": "630-686-1111",
    "Secondary Phone Type": "Mobile",
    "Address": "900 Ogden Ave #437",
    "City": "Downers Grove",
    "State": "IL",
    "Zip": "60515"
  "Location": {
    "Name": "Willowbrook Inn",
    "Room": "Grand Ballroom",
    "Address": "7800 Kingery Hwy",
    "City": "Willowbrook",
    "State": "IL",
    "Zip": "60527",
    "Contact": "Jane Smith",
    "Phone": "708-290-0006",
    "Extension": "301",
    "Email": "jsmith@willowbrookinn.com"

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